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The Value of Farmers' Markets in BC: What We Learned from the Toolkit Pilots

In past posts you may have followed our research project with the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets to develop a Farmers’ Market Impact Toolkit.This toolkit was piloted with 9 farmers markets in the summer of 2012 in British Columbia (Canada) and a final version of the toolkit is posted here on our website.


Surprise! You’ve been ranked: What we can learn about performance measurement from media-driven ranking

When CBC’s Fifth Estate program launched Rate my Hospital last week, I couldn't help but immediately look up the grade of my hospital across the street.  I felt smug that Eagle Ridge wasn't one of the Lower Mainland's batch of terribly ranked hospitals.  But should I really sleep better? 

SROI and Demonstrating Value: How can both frameworks provide a deeper understanding of social impact?

There’s added value in using multiple frameworks when completing an impact evaluation. SROI – an evaluation framework growing in popularity – expresses value in monetized terms, and is one such framework that can be used in conjunction with Demonstrating Value. 


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