Cool Apps for Tracking and Demonstrating Value

It’s not all about the games.  The advent of smart phones and tablets can simplify the collection and analysis of data, as well as powerfully capture narrative, in ways we only could imagine until recently.  The number of apps available grows daily and it can be hard to know what is even possible to do.  I've provided a list of a few apps below to showcase the range of what apps can do in this area. Check app libraries and the internet for more.  In choosing your own apps, look for functions such as whether and how you can export data. (I recently lost all my data in a goal setting app, when the version was updated).


GoalScape:  Track goals and reporting

Fluid Surveys: Take surveys on the move

Skitch: Annotate photos and maps

JotNot: Digitize documents to PDF

Expensify: Track expenses, time and invoice

Trip Cubby: Record trip mileage

Open GPS Tracker: Track a route

SoundPaper: Record sound that is integrated with note taking

iThoughtsHD: Map and think visually

Historypin: Arrange multimedia and text based on location


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