Events on my radar

There are some pretty interesting events coming up that relate to evaluation, measuring social impact and data visualizations.  I would love to attend them all!


January 9-14  (Claremont, California)
The Evaluators Institute
A remarkable line-up of sessions relating to evaluation. More info

January 11 (Manitoba)
Logic Models/Visual Planning
Learn how to develop logic models. (Canadian Evaluation Society, Manitoba Chapter) More info

January 11 – February 22 (Toronto)
Infographics and Data Visualization
A short course at George Brown College. More info

January 12 (on-line webinar)
Measuring Impact: Early-Stage Evaluation of Your Collective Impact Initiative
A look at tools and strategies, facilitated by Liz Weaver of the Tamarack Institute. More info

January 16-19  (Toronto)
Essential Skills Series
Course covering the basics of evaluation. (Canadian Evaluation Society, Ontario chapter) More info

January 25 (on-line webinar)
Making Your Story Matter More
Reach your  audience and convert them into champions (Tamarack Institute) More info

February 7-8 (London, UK)
Measuring Social Impact
An intensive introduction to social impact measurement. (The School for Social Entrepreneurs) More info

February 8 (Toronto)
Interviews & Focus Groups
Learn about what questions to ask and how. (Canadian Evaluation Society, Ontario Chapter). More info

February 16 (Vancouver)
Introduction to Visual Analytics
Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics’ basic introduction to this subject. More info

February 22 (on-line webinar)
Innoweave Impact Accelerator
This session helps groups think critically about impact. More info


February 23-24 (Vancouver)
From Theory to Practice
Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics’s more in-depth training. More info


March 8 (Toronto)
Surveys & Questionnaires
Design, analysis and data presentation. (Canadian Evaluation Society, Ontario Chapter) More info

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