Free Webinar about the Common Approach to Impact Measurement

The Common Appoach to Impact Measurment, an initiative led by Carleton University's Centre for Community Innovation is convening a community of non profits, social purpose organizations (SPOs), grant makers, investors and academics to build a better way to measure social impact.  The initiative is profiled in this blog posting last  summer. 


The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is hosting a free webinar on March 12 at 1:00 pm (Eastern Daylight Time) to introduce the Common Approach. In this webinar, they will explore how the Common Foundations were derived and how they can help evaluators, consultants, and trainers guide organizations to improved impact measurement.  You can also find out more about a national initiative to identify and highlight Common Foundations “champions” who are willing to actively promote the five essential practices in the social purpose sector.  Demonstrating Value is already a champion!  


The presenter is Margerit Roger, M.Ed. of Eupraxia Training. Margerit is a Winnipeg-based program planner, evaluator and trainer who has worked with community-based organizations, industry, post-secondaries, labour organizations, and provincial and federal governments. Her impact evaluation work is grounded in Theory of Change, social impact analysis, and SROI in an effort to more effectively describe the critical “ripple effect” created by organizations that support vulnerable and marginalized populations. As a result, she feels strongly that the Common Approach and the Common Foundations provide an important strategic and communication tool for impact-oriented practitioners who work in the social purpose sector. Additional guests will be introduced during the webinar.


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