Get a Leg up with Templates

Templates that can support data collection, analysis and reporting abound in many different formats and locations on websites.  You can find these on sites that support community, small business and social enterprise developments, and as part of software tools like Google docs, Survey, Form Builder  and Database Tools. Here is a small sampling of the range of templates that are out there that could be directly relevant to what you do. Following one link will bring you to many many more.  Also check out DV related templates in our Tools and Resources page.


360-degree Employee Evaluation TemplateCollect employee performance feedback from three key groups: supervisors, coworkers, subordinatesSurvey Monkey
Building a budget (for employment based enterprises)Identify the extra costs and cost savings involved in running an Employment Social Enterprise. enterprising non profits
Cash flow templateOutline start-up costs, financing, sales forecasts and complete a month-by-month cash flow for two years.Futurpreneur
Charitable Contributions Web Database    Track multiple campaigns and report on the contributions received during each one. MS Access (built in)
Checklist: How effective is your committee?Review how well  your committee knows its role and carries out its responsibilitiesDo It Yourself Committee Guide
Employee Communitng SurveyObtain information on a company’s employee commuting behaviours and opinionsFluid Surveys
Employee support program tracking toolExcel tool that tracks how employees are supported withen a social enterpriseREDF
Marketing Campaign EvaluationEvaluate the success of specific marketing campaignsBizTree
Partnership ToolsTemplates that meet a variety of needs when developing or strengthening partnerships. SE Toolbelt
Post Event SurveyPost-event survey to gather feedback regarding speakers, exhibitors, presentations and more.survey gizmo
Sales Funnel Value & Profit Calculator v2Instantly calculates profit potential, value per lead, value per customer and more.Google Docs
Volunteer Feedback FormGet input from the volunteers themselves so that you can improve their experiences and maximize their efforts. Wufoo Forms Builder


Note: Inclusion in this table is not an endorsement of these templates.  Try coming up with a shortlist of options for the tracking/analysis need that you have, and then select the best one for what you want.  Templates that are tied into multiple facets of measurement may be more useful – e.g. survey tools that can enable collection, aggregation and analysis of data and reporting – but these typically are not free.


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