New eLearning for Social Enterprises

The Social Enterprise Institute was launched last year to offer on-demand eLearning courses relating to different aspects of launching and strengthening social enterprises.  It is geared to make it easier for people to learn about topics that specifically interest them, wherever they may be, and whenever they want. 


The Institute breaks out course offerings in terms of ‘Explore’, ‘Build’ and ‘Thrive.’ ‘Explore’ is populated with courses on a practical range of topics that are essential to planning.  Fourteen courses are currently available including Opportunity Identification, Business Model Canvas, Financial Plan, and Legal Aspects.


This year, courses in ‘Build’ and ‘Thrive’ will be added that provide instruction on topics relevant to social enterprises that have been launched, such as marketing, pricing strategies, and of course, measurement!   To this end, I am currently developing four courses that will be available on the site: one on the basics of measurement - Measurement 101 – and others on more specialized topics such as approaches to measuring personal transformation, environmental sustainability, and strategies to address the headache of data collection. 


Stay tuned to this blog for details on when they area launched.   In the meantime check out the great courses now available on the Social Enterprise Institute website.


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