'Societal Cost Calculator' Launched

Vancity Community Foundation, a partner of Demonstrating Value, recently launched a 'societal cost calculator' to estimate how employing individuals who are marginalized could influence poverty-related outcomes and associated societal costs.  It draws on empirical research about the links between employment and health and other societal outcomes and relates this to data that most social enterprises are tracking. 


This calculator seeks to provide social enterprises with a straight forward means to make estimates of their impact based on data that they may typically gather.    The results of the calculator may be useful to government and others in showing how social enterprises are connected to important social and economic policy objectives, and the general direction and magnitude of their impact. 


While the calculator was developed specifically for social enterprise in Vancouver, Canada, the methodology could be adapted to other regions and contexts.  For more information, contact Demonstrating Value via its contact form.


 Launch Calculator  (This calculator is in Flash)


Societal Cost Impact Calculator:  Method



This calculator is part of the project, Measuring the Collective Impact of Social Enterprises in Vancouver that Provide Targeted Employment and Training.  This project has been made possible with funding support from Central City Foundation, Vancity Savings Credit Union, and Vancouver Foundation