Demonstrating Value offers simple management solutions that enable you to use information and data more effectively to run your organization, plan for the future and show your value to the community. Demonstrating Value combines performance monitoring with social impact evaluation in a compact and powerful communication tool.


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Being able to collect data is a key part of performance and impact measurement. (Collecting the right data, and using is effectively are the other parts).  Like maitaining a building or car, streamlining, systematizing and maitaining data can save you a lot of time and money.


How would you rate your data collection?  


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After a certain point, and perhaps dozens and even hundreds of versions of spreadsheets, there comes a time to contemplate whether there is an easier way to track data.   You know that countless hours can be spent finding and making sense of data when it comes time for planning, budgeting, and in even day to day activities like sales.   But it can be hard to understand the full costs involved in acquiring software and how they relate to your ability to save staff time (and put it to other uses), as well as improving your relationships that ultimately relate to you bottom line(s). 


Demonstrating Value has developed and posted...

Earlier this year, I was invited to lecture about impact measurement for a number of different social enterprise-related classes, both as part of academic programs and incubators.   While I mostly stayed fairly practical, 'academic-lite', I thought it would be useful to give an overview of what the field of impact measurement looks like and the options and tools out there.


I've frequently come across the statement that there can be a bewildering array of tools that makes impact measurement challenging to access and apply.  I would agree that it can seem confusing.  At a basic level though, they all identify, collect and use/show data that indicate that social value is created. They just differ in how deeply they go into the mechanics of how social impact occurs and finding evidence of...

The Social Enterprise Institute (SEI) provides short, on-demand eLearning on a variety of topics that address planning and operational needs of new and mature social enterprises alike.  This includes aspects of planning, marketing, pricing, operation and more.  Courses have clear learning objectives which are developed through practical activities, and each course is a great gateways for learning with clear direction  on where to learn more.  Five measurement courses, developed by Bryn Sadownik, have now been added to the Institute's website.


Measuring Business Performanc​e

The starting point for every social enterprise in measurement is usually the financials: to set up an accounting system to track money in and money out.  But extending measurement beyond this to include other aspects of business performance and organizational sustainability, can help you to uncover the...

In a recent blog, I described some work that Vancity Community Foundation had led to develop a societal cost calculator for work integration social enterprises (WISE) in Vancouver.   Another aspect of the project, was to develop a shared impact map and indicators.  While individual social enterprises within Vancouver differ in the goods and services they produce and the way in which they engage individuals who are marginalized, they are all working towards similar outcomes.   An outcome is a term used in impact maps (logic models/theory of change) that describes the social change that occurs as a result of the strategies and activities of a social enterprise.


Our challenge is to be able to capture these outcomes more formally and in consistent terms across different enterprises and in a way that could help to...


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