Demonstrating Value for Co-operatives

This module is directed to co-operatives to assist them in demonstrating their value by creating a Performance Snapshot. It includes:


  1. The Demonstrating Value workbook
  2. The Monitoring Ideas Library for Co-ops  
  3. Performance Snapshot templates.  


A co-operative can use these tools to identify and track indicators that relate to its purpose -- e.g. housing, health and social services, consumer co-ops, worker/producer co-ops, or other purposes -- and then communicate its performance and impact to key audiences.  This module is based on the Demonstrating Value framework and tools, and integrates co-operative-specific research, sustainability reporting practices as well as social enterprise business performance and impact measures.


The tools included in this module can be used together or separately.   If you are interested in developing a Performance Snapshot, start by downloading and reading the DV Workbook.  The other tools can assist you to complete the workbook and develop a Performance Snapshot.