What is a Performance Snapshot?

A Performance Snapshot is a management tool that creates a comprehensive summary of your organization's performance and value that is easy to access, interpret and use. The Snapshot can be a printed document or an electronic 'dashboard', which allows anyone to actively engage with the information. This tool will give you a clear picture of performance and value to help you plan and manage your day-to-day activities, demonstrate your value to others, and ensure the long-term sustainability of your organization. 

A snapshot will enable you to:

  • Save valuable time finding and pulling together data for reports.
  • See key trends and relationships in data, so you can get the most from the data you collect. 

The exact content and format of the Snapshot depends on its audience and the issues that are important to you. Design it to directly support the key decisions you make and/or to show the work and value of the enterprise to others. The Demonstrating Value Workbook and other resources available through Demonstrating Value will enable you to create a Snapshot that fits your needs. 

The Snapshot can be developed using a software program you have on hand (like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or similar programs) or using software that can create professional-looking infographics and which may have the capacity to directly link with data sources (like Piktochart, Infogr.am, Easelly, among others).