The Value Herald, Issue 10, Spring 2014


Welcome to the Spring 2014 Demonstrating Value Newsletter! 

The Value Herald quarterly newsletter shares engaging ideas, useful advice and informative resources from Demonstrating Value. 

In this issue you can learn why we're called Demonstrating Value (and not Demonstrating Impact!), and find our usual mix of what's interesting out there, technical tips and ideas.  If you like our newsletter, share it with a friend!

In This Issue
 The Value Herald shares thoughts, insights and conversations from our blog. In this issue...

  • Issues & Ideas: It's about Value, not just Impact
  • The Technical Corner: Business Performance Indicators: When you can't keep track of it all in your head!
  • DV Resources and Tools: New performance snapshot examples in environment, health and local food.
  • Tools Out There: Let's Get Visual !! Checking out Drop & Drag Infographic Software

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Issues & Ideas

It's about Value not just Impact

In the world of social finance and philanthropy  we are focused on unlocking the key to ‘measuring impact’.  Should we actually be more focused on 'measuring value'?  You may guess from our name that we are a little biased to the latter!   Read more   


The Technical Corner

Business Performance Indicators: When you can't keep track of it all in your head!

When any social enterprise and venture gets off the ground, there is a constant process of evolution in which you are evaluating success and revising what you do  informally, with support from financial tracking and intuition.   But at a certain point, it can be really useful to get more systematic about tracking and analyzing data that can give you more insight into the health of the business and where you need to go next.   Read more 

DV Resources & Tools

New Performance Snapshot Examples Added to Gallery

Since Demonstrating Value was launched, many community-based organizations have developed performance snapshots. The examples on our website have not kept up!   I've recently added four new ones that show snapshots for organizations working in different impact areas including environmental, local food and health. Click on any of the images below to see the snapshots in more detail. Read more
Tools Out There

Let's get Visual!

Along with the blossoming of colourful infographics that depict practically everything is an equally interesting blossoming of web-based software for creating infographics.  Many are still in beta testing stages.   Read more about emerging infographic software solutions. 





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