The Value Herald, Issue 11, Autumn 2014

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It's a busy time for Demonstrating Value with many new projects underway this fall, and so many interesting events to check out.  In this issue you can learn about these new projects, along with our usual mix of what's interesting out there, technical tips and ideas.  If you like our newsletter, share it with a friend!

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Don’t forget to browse through Upcoming Events for exciting opportunities to learn and network. And as always, we love to hear your thoughts on Demonstrating Value and social enterprise measurement and evaluation!
The Technical Corner

The Art of Telling a Story with Numbers
Numbers do not speak for themselves.  They need help.  It often seems that the journey to develop a number can be so long that by the time we have finally defined, collected and analyzed an indicator, we often just release them into space with little regard to context and narrative to help others understand their meaning.  It's important to balance how we can convey a lot with very little in communicating with numbers, while being mindful to not say so little that they can be used out of context.   Read more 

Investigating the Impacts of Social Enterprises in Vancouver  
A new project this fall will investigate the collective impacts of social enterprises in Vancouver that are providing employment and training opportunities for people who are marginalized. Demonstrating Value's Community Partner, the Vancity Community Foundation, is leading the project with funding support from Central City Foundation, Vancity Savings Credit Union, and the Vancouver Foundation.  Read more

Creating snapshot templates for Co-operatives
Vancity Community Foundation is also launching a project to develop Performance Snapshot templates that responds to the specific management and stakeholder engagement needs of co-operatives  This research is made possible through a grant from the Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives (CEARC) at St. Mary’s University.   Read more  
Issues & Ideas
Value for Citizens, not just Taxpayers!
There is increasing pressure to frame the value of community-based programs in terms of whether it can save taxpayers money.  But trying to prove our worth in this way reduces society to a collection of taxpayers rather than citizens who want to achieve common goals that we can't accomplish privately.  As community-based organizations, we need to show and celebrate the full value we create, and to communicate this in all kinds of ways  Read more   
DV Resources & Tools

Demonstrating Organizational Sustainability

Measuring impact and business performance indicators alone don’t give a complete picture of the value of an organization and how successful it is.  Measuring organizational sustainability does.  DV's framework includes an approach to measuring organizational sustainability, and we have specific tools that can be of help.  Read more 

Tools Out There

Nifty Assessment Planning Tool for Foundations and Investors
I recently came across McKinsey and Company's Learning Driven Assessment Workbook that is based on a great framework for focusing evaluation to meet the needs of different types of programs at different times.  The workbook is a simple on-line tool that is geared to the needs of foundations and investors, and results in an Assessment Plan for measuring social impact.   Read more 


Upcoming Community Events


Sept 23  (webinar)
Collective Impact for CED
Liz Weaver  gives an overview of collective impact and how this approach can enhance the impact of community change efforts. More info
Sept 25 (webinar)
Measuring your Local Impact

BALLE webinar to help local leaders measure their impact with case studies and update on new tool.  More info

Sept 26 (webinar)
Mobile-Friendly Survey Design for Evaluation

Community Solutions/FluidSurveys webinar on designing a mobile-friendly survey for evaluation.More info
Sept 30 (Webinar)
Using Big Data to Predict Social Impact

Stanford Social Innovation Review moderates this webinar on turning measurement into a competitive advantage. More info

 Oct 2-3 (Vancouver)
Beyond Outcomes Conference

Two day conference designed to help social service organizations move to outcomes-based performance management. More info
Oct 12-16 (Seoul , South Korea)
Social Enterprise World Forum

The international event for social enterprises all over the world to come together and discuss policy and practice, to learn from one another and to network. More info
Oct 15-18 (Colorado)
Visionary Evaluation for a Sustainable, Equitable Future

Big AEA evaluation conference in Colorado this year. More info
Nov 3 & 4 (Toronto)
Talking Data

The Social Impact Analysts Association‘s 2014 Annual Conference. Two days of plenaries, workshops and lots of networking. More info
Nov 18-20 (Winnipeg)
Evaluating Community Impact

Tamarack presents this three day workshop geared to those involved in community change initiatives. More info
Nov 19- 21 (Toronto)
The Community Knowledge Exchange Summit

Neat summit in TO's entertainment district on how we can use, create and share data, research and stories to spark real social change. More info
Nov 27 (Toronto)
Free Evaluation Consulting Day for Nonprofits

Evaluation Cafe Toronto is offering a one-day event that will connect nonprofit organizations with volunteer evaluators. More info


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