The Value Herald, Issue 16, Spring/Summer 2020


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Initiatives to check out
Coming together around a Common Approach to Impact Measurement
The Common Approach to Impact Measurement is a community of social purpose organizations, grant makers, investors and academics that have come together to improve the tools and practices of impact measurement on a number of different fronts that including promoting Common Foundations to Impact Measurement, defining flexible indicator standards, a common set of organizational indicators, and a community-owned enabling infrastructure that would make it easier for social purpose organizations to manage data and learn from each other.  Demonstrating Value is proud to be part of this amazing initiative. Read more  about the Common Approach to Impact Measurement.  Learn more  about the Common Foundations to Impact Measurement.   Check out my blog about he first Common Foundation: Plan your Intended Change.

Have you heard of the Montreal Declaration on Evaluation and Social Impact Measurement yet? It is inspiring!
The Montreal Declaration on Evaluation and Social Impact Measurement was drafted a year ago to promote a dialogue and common vision around the opportunities and challenges in the impact measurement field.   It came about in part to challenge trends in the  field that emphasize standardized, uniform evaluations/impact measurement that focus on ‘results’ over process, and do not take into account the context of the organization and feasibility of measurement.  So far it has over 35 organizational signatories.  The Declaration was part of a larger project that resulted in a detailed web guide that is currently in the process of being translated into English...   Read more

Issues & Ideas

Measurement in the time of COVID-19
In the space of weeks, countless community-based organizations have had to shift what they are doing while being faced with significant constraints.  Across the community – in health care delivery, social services, education, to name a few – we are witnessing a great deal of creativity and experimentation in (re)designing programs. Impact and performance measurement practices that rely on clearly articulated goals, a plausible theory of change, and attention to performance metrics attached to goals, are not particularly useful in this complex and rapidly changing environment.  What is needed are processes and information gathering that can support organizations to try out different actions that guide the direction of program development and redesign. Read more

It is time to revise the “Gold Standard” of Impact Measurement and Evaluation Design
Clearly establishing net impact and the influence of a program’s activities on an outcome has been a huge challenge in this field.   A ‘gold standard’ of research and evaluation, the randomized control trail, is often held up as the standard to which we should aspire.  In the fall I took an excellent course by Mark Cabaj on Exploring Complexity-Based and Systemic Thinking through SFU. It reminded me of my earlier acquaintance with Bayesian statistics, which has led me to wonder, why is this not being applied more in Evaluation?! Read more 
 The Practical Corner

Business Performance Measurement: Why Measure more than Financials?  
The starting point for most social enterprises in measurement is to set up a bookkeeping system to track money in and money out.  While financial bookkeeping and accounting are fundamental to running a business, it may also be useful to track other aspects of business performance early on to be able to make good operational and planning decisions..   Read more

Do-it-yourself Surveys: Design Tips   
 Tools like Survey Monkey and Fluid Survey are low or no-cost, easy to use and accessible to anyone with e-mail.   But this also means there are many more surveys out there as well as other competing demands on people’s attention.   It is more important than ever, to design an effective survey that yields data that you can act on.  Here are some design tips to help...   Read more 

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Upcoming Events & Courses

Looks like everthing is virtual for the time being!

On-demand course
Design and Make Infographics
Michigan State University available on Coursera to learn to make engaging Infographics in Adobe Illustrator More info

On-demand course
Pourquoi et comment mesurer son impact social?
ESSEC Business School offers an introductory course to social impact measurement.  More info

June 18, 2020
At Home with Uncertainty: Practical Outcome Mapping Concepts and Tools
Introduction to Outcome Mapping as a way to plan, learn, demonstrate results in continuously changing and unpredictable environments. More info 

June 19, 2020
The Outcome Mapping Journey: Developing Progress Markers
CESBC is also presenting a webinar on Outcome Mapping that focuses on how it was applied to a project related to harm reduction services and overdose prevention across BC.    More info

July 10, 2020
Alice in QI Land: An Evaluator’s Travel Log
Another CESBC webinar with a great title.  I have no idea what this is about so you will have to find out.    More info

July 13 & 14, 2020
Introduction to Influence Mapping in Evaluation
This CECAN (UK) workshop introduces participants to influence mapping, that applies likelihood concepts to a map of outcomes.   More info 

July 13 & 15, 2020
Interactive Dashboards Using Excel and Google Sheets 
This AEA workshop takes you through all you need to know to design interactive dashboards from start to finish in Excel and Google Sheets.   More info  

August 20, 2020
Graduate Certificate Information Session
Info session about SFU's Evaluation for Social Change and Transformational Learning Program (mostly on-line) that focuses on innovation, systems thinking and diverse ways of knowing.    More info