The Value Herald: Issue 7, Summer 2013

Welcome to the Summer 2013 Demonstrating Value Newsletter!

The Value Herald quarterly newsletter shares engaging ideas, useful advice and informative resources from Demonstrating Value at Vancity Community Foundation.

Summer is a time to step back from the fray, relax and develop new perspectives.  In this issue we  share how Demonstrating Value can support strategic planning, as well our usual mix of what's interesting out there, technical tips and ideas.  If you like our newsletter, share it with a friend!

In This Issue


The Value Herald shares thoughts, insights and conversations from our blog. In this issue...


  • Issues & Ideas: Reflections on the world of social enteprise impact measurement.
  • The Technical Corner: How to take into account uncertainty in performance and impact measurement.
  • DV Resources & Tools: How DV tools can complement planning activities  in your organization.
  • Tools Out There: A look at the Community Capital Tool that can be used to ground community discussion about integrated planning and monitoring. 


Don’t forget to browse through Upcoming Events for exciting opportunities to learn and network. And as always, we love to hear your thoughts on Demonstrating Value and social enterprise measurement and evaluation!


Issues & Ideas


Reflections about Impact Measurement and Social Enterprise 
Bryn Sadownik recently spoke with Michelle Strutzenberger of Axiom News about the future of impact measurement in anticipation of her participation in the panel  'Measuring and Demonstrating Impact'  at the Social Enterprise World Forum. It was a great opportunity for her to reflect about her experience in the last six years of working in this area, and to articulate where she sees this work evolving.  Read more


The Technical Corner

The Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns of Measuring Performance and Impact
In the world of measurement and evaluation,  it is common to translate imprecise and vague notions around performance and impact to a set of numerically crisp values, giving us a false notion of precision and validity. We acknowledge uncertainty in a fairly limited way, and rarely deal with it explicitly.   Where does uncertainty lurk in our work, and what can we do to better take it into account?  This article explores how we can better embrace the grey area of uncertainty by acknowledging and documenting  uncertainty, interpreting measures appropriately, and building uncertainty explicitely into our calculations. 
Read more

DV Resource Highlight

Complementing strategic and business planning with Demonstrating Value
Are you about to engage in strategic or business planning in your organization?  Planning  offers a great point to think about what has and hasn’t worked in the past, how you create value (for community, within your business and organization), how you can create even more value, and ways to measure your success moving forward. Demonstrating Value can complement planning activities in a number of ways. This article looks at how to think about your organization's value and highlights specific DV tools and resources that can contemplate planning.
Read more.

Tools Out There

The Community Capital Tool
The Community Capital Tool is a decision support and assessment tool, based on the community capital framework, that is designed to facilitate and ground community discussion about integrated planning and monitoring. It is the product of collaboration between Simon Fraser University’s Sustainable Community Development Centre and Telos, Brabant Center for Sustainable Development, Tilburg University, Netherlands. Read more


Upcoming Events

Sept. 9 & 13th, 2013
The Best Little Logic Model Webinar 
Kylie Hutchinson of Community Solutions will help you  develop a logic model that  is both simple, flexible, and useful. For more info, click here

Sept 12 (Toronto), Sept 17 (Vancouver)
GRI-Certified Training Course
Sustainalytics is holding its Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) -certified one-day G4 training.  For more info, click here

Sept 27-28 (Ottawa) Nov 15-16 (Guelph)
IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training Program for Emerging Leaders 
The Co-operators and The Natural Step Canada are partnering to present this workshop in which youth (19-25) to develop and implement new sustainbility projects. For more info, click here

Oct 2-4, 2013 (Calgary)
Social Enteprise World Forum 
A global gathering that will bring together 1,200 individuals from more than 30 countries and speakers from more than 20 countries connect, share ideas, and advance the social enterprise movement. For more info, click here

Oct 8, 2013 (Calgary)
ES&G Accountability Forum
The Network for Business Sustainability presents a forum  that will take a critical look at the utility of reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ES&G) indicators. For more info, click here

Oct 7-11, 2013 (Edmonton)
2013 Communities Collaborating for Impact Institute:  Accelerating Impact
This is Tamarack’s signature, week-long learning event aimed at accelerating impact by linking local community building efforts to provincial, state and national agendas. For more info, click here