Consulting Resources


Many consultants apply Demonstrating Value tools as part of their client  service offering.  For instance Demonstrating Value can support:

  • Strategic and business planning -  Consultants with expertise in this area benefit from the structure and process of Demonstrating Value in the planning process. Demonstrating Value can help organizations go the extra mile to think through and put in place successful performance measurement, that will make sure that static plans can actually evolve as information on what works and what doesn't  is integrated into better decision-making. 


  • IT systems (financial, HR, fundraising, CRM, etc.) - By using the Demonstrating Value Lenses Framework, consultants can clearly articulate what systems they need and why - keys to a successful implementation.


  • SROI & Evaluation - When organizations work through the process to develop a Peformance Snapshot, it helps them  develop a strong base of useful data relevant to  Social Return on Investment (SROI) and program evaluation. They also benefit from having a tool that will communicate and engage stakeholders in the results of these exercises.


  • Communications- Demonstrating Value is a great complement to communications consulting, particularly in being able to help organizations provide evidence and data to support their assertions so they can 'show' and not 'tell'. 


The following tools are available to support consultants to use Demonstrating Value.  All compliment the Demonstrating Value Workbook. The Survey helps organizations assess their current monitoring and reporting capabilities as a starting point for creating a Demonstrating Value snapshot. The Scoping Tool can help a consultant to define the level of support that an organization needs to complete a Demonstrating Value snapshot.  The Sample Contract and Terms of Reference is an example of contract terms and project work plan and deliverablese. We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice on how to engage the services of a consultant!