Demonstrating Value for Communities Addressing Homelessness

This toolkit is directed to communities and organizations that are addressing homelessness, housing insecurity & affordable housing. The core resources of the toolkit are Demonstrating Value's two complimentary activity guides and a library of measurement ideas, but is also supplemented by additional resources specific to this impact area. 


All of the components of this toolkit can be downloaded to the left. They can be used together, or separately. 

1. PERFORMANCE AND IMPACT MEASUREMENT: IMPROVING YOUR PRACTICES - Use this activity guide to develop monitoring and reporting systems that really meet your needs.  Activities guide you to systematically assess:

  • What information you need to run your organization,
  • How you are collecting it, and
  • How you can make the most use out of it.


2. DEVELOPING A SNAPSHOT - Use this activity guide to design a ‘Snapshot’ that creates an engaging summary of your performance and value. This will save time pulling together data for reports, and support you to see key trends and relationships in data.  Snapshots can be developed as Dashboards, Infographics or Impact Reports.

3. LIBRARY OF MEASUREMENT IDEAS - In these documents, you will find suggestions for indicators and approaches to measure business performance, organizational sustainability and community impact, based on what you would like to know and show about your initiative.

4.  ADDITIONAL RESOURCES The following resources will guide you to research evidence and additional methods/tools about outcomes related to addressing homelessness.

  • Fast Facts - Connections between Housing and Long-term Outcomes
  • Tools for Measuring Outcomes Related to Personal Transformation
  • Quick Start Ideas for Deepening Learning about Impact