Getting Started Toolkit

Measurement that makes sense for you


Imagine having information at your fingertips so the next time you are faced with an operational issue, need to decide on key strategic directions, develop a funding application/report, or showcase what you do, you can easily pull up the information you need and show it in an engaging way.  Demonstrating Value can help you take control of the data you collect, decide how it is used, and communicate the performance and value of your organization, social enterprise or program.  It is based in supporting you to build capacity in the following three areas:


To do this, download and use the following complimentary activity guides found in the green box. They can be used together or separately:


  • PERFORMANCE AND IMPACT MEASUREMENT: IMPROVING YOUR PRACTICES   - Use this activity guide to develop monitoring and reporting systems that really meet your needs.  Activities guide you to systematically assess 1) what information you need to run your organization, 2) how you are collecting it, and 3)  how you can make the most use out of it.


  • DEVELOPING A SNAPSHOT: COMMUNICATING YOUR VALUE  - Use this activity guide to design a ‘Snapshot’ that creates an engaging summary of the performance and value. This will save time pulling together data for reports and support you to see key trends and relationships in data.  Snapshots can be developed as Dashboards, Infographics or Impact Reports .  Here is an example of a Snapshot template that could be developed for your project, organization or social enterprise. (Click here for other examples). 


Both guides are supported by the following on-line resource:


  • LIBRARY OF IMPACT, SUSTAINABILITY AND PERFORMANCE MEASURES  - Suggestions for indicators and approaches to measure business performance, organizational sustainability and community impact, based on what you would like to know and show about your initiative and/or organization.


Demonstrating Value’s framework fits in with the Common Approach to Impact Measurement, a new, developing standard to impact measurement in Canada. This is a flexible standard that provides a foundation for sector-wide impact measurement and reporting.  By using Demonstrating Value to strengthen your measurement capacity, you are also implementing the Common Approach, and positioning your organization for impact investments, gaining new value-driven customers, and reporting more easily to your Board or funder.


You can learn more about the Common Approaches at their website: