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Free Webinar about the Common Approach to Impact Measurement

The Common Appoach to Impact Measurment, an initiative led by Carleton University's Centre for Community Innovation is convening a community of non profits, social purpose organizations (SPOs), grant makers, investors and academics to build a better way to measure social impact.  The initiative is profiled in this blog posting last  summer. 


Evaluation and Impact Measurement in the Social Economy

In recent years, many new initiatives have been launched in Canada that have sought to make sense of impact measurement for social enterprises and other community-based organizations, and to advance new tools and common methods.  In a series of blogs, we highlight collaborative projects in Quebec, Ontario and as part of a national partnership to strengthen the social enterprise 'ecosystem'.



Potential and Limits of Impact Measurement - Upcoming Forum in Montreal (April 9)

TIESS (L'organisme Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire) is organizing a one-day forum to discuss impact measurement practices, as well as its challenges and opportunities. Several international initiatives and viewpoints will be presented in order to bring out points of convergence around which we can mobilize.  The event also includes and unveiling of the Quebec Declaration on Evaluation and Social Impact Measurement.



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